Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Before + After: Console Tables

As promised, I have finally gotten around to sorting out the photographs of the project I was working on a few days last week. I painted, waxed and distressed two console tables made of mangowood for a client. So here are the results. As ever I am slim on "before" photographs but you should be able to get the idea.

So, this is the before photograph that the client sent to me:

The client asked for a very specific colour tone, finish and distressing so I worked on these on site using specially mixed Autentico chalk paint. I used combinations of dark wax, white chalk wax and a few different wax sticks along with various distressing techniques to create the desired finish. They were a work in progress and we tweaked and re-worked several versions of the finish until they were perfect. The light comes into the room at one end but not the other, it is amazing what an impact this has. The finish on both console tables is exactly the same but maybe you might think they are different when you see the photographs below - all because of the light.

This is the second console table in the light of the windows.

I teach these painting, waxing and distressing techniques at monthly workshops on furniture painting here at our studio in Blunham, Beds and at The Decor Cafe in Putney, SW London. Click here for more information.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New BBC Programme || Your Home In Their Hands

Wow it's been a while since I logged in to the blog, did I almost forgot my password? Yeah, nearly. After all my spouting on NY resolutions! There I was banging on about how much I wasn't going to drop the blog like a hot potato when work get crazy...and then nothing. So, have have things been? What have I missed? I've got a fun little heads up for all you budding interior designers out there. The lovely Holly Dwight from the BBC got in touch to let me know about a new series they are planning. So, here is the official blurb - if you're interested, go for it!!

Have you transformed your home and now want to get your hands on others?

Think you've got an eye for interior design?

BBC ONE is making a brand new primetime series and are looking for interior design enthusiasts to take part.

They'd like to speak to people who are genuinely passionate about stamping their own unique style on other people’s homes. Whether you’re into big bold colours, have a flair for fabrics or your home simply oozes your personality they want to hear from you.

This is a brilliant opportunity to let your skills and personality shine on television!

If you fit the bill or know someone who does, please get in touch with their team as soon as possible for more information. Email: homedecorators@bbc.co.uk

Carrier & Company - Ultimate Interior Design Duo 

I think this is such a fabulous opportunity, especially if you have a really strong sense of style. Personally, I wouldn't say I do, the only consistent love I have in terms of interior design is my complete obsession with Carrier & Company. Their portfolio is just pure perfection in terms of scale, texture and the most spell-binding mix of old and new. Big big love. Okay, I think that is probably enough of that. I have a 4:30am wake up call tomorrow so I am heading off for the night. I will back to blog more later this week with some new finds, a super cool app which has totally transformed my working life as well as before & after of the project I am currently working on. Night all!

Image credit: Carrier & Company